10 Years of Leading Innovations
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NQC is 10 Years Old!


The National Quality Center has reached an important milestone, its 10-year anniversary. Since 2004, we have provided leadership in quality improvement nationwide and worked under the premise that together we make a big difference in the lives of people with HIV.

We set our aim to strengthen the capacity among Ryan White grantees to improve the quality of HIV care across the United States. We know how challenging it is to sustain an effective quality program when your time, money, and staff are stretched to the limits. And so, for the last 10 years, we created services with busy HIV providers in mind.

We are proud of our accomplishments so far. A recent study found that we have been highly successful at reaching HIV providers, measurably improved the quality improvement capacity among Ryan White grantees, caused demonstrable advancements in local quality management programs, and had a positive impact on the quality of HIV care and on patients’ health outcomes. For example,

  • More than 88% of all Ryan White grantees utilized at least one of NQC’s key quality improvement services
  • As a result of ongoing technical assistance, organizational capacity for quality management increased along with individual quality improvement knowledge and skill sets
  • in+care Campaign participants demonstrated statistically significant improvements in national retention and viral load suppression rates
  • Participation in Regional Groups is linked with statistically significant improvements on key performance measures, including viral load suppression rates, and resulted in stronger quality management programs than non-Regional Group members
  • Both the DC and the Cross-Part Collaborative participants demonstrated significant improvements in clinical HIV performance measures
  • Graduates of NQC’s training programs showed increased knowledge
  • NQC services aligned local and regional quality improvement goals with the priorities of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Each year we reached numerous goals we set for ourselves:

2004   National Quality Center is founded
2005   HIVQUAL Regional Group Model expands
          NQC holds its first Steering and Consumer Advisory Committee meetings
2006   NQC initiates monthly national TA calls
          NQC launches the Low Incidence Initiative
2007   NQC holds its first Training-of-Trainers (TOT) session
          NQC rolls out the Quality Academy
2008   NQC launches the Cross-Part Collaborative
          NQC gives out the first national Quality Awards
2009   NQC has its first Training of Quality Leaders (TQL) session
          NQC organizes the first Part D Quality Improvement Conference
2010   NQC creates the Training on Coaching Basics (TCB) Program
2011   NQC introduces its national in+care Campaign
          NQC initiates the DC Collaborative
2012   NQC is refunded by HRSA and now includes HIVQUAL activities
          NQC holds its first Training of Consumers on Quality (TCQ) session
2013   NQC launches the Part C and Part D Quality Improvement Initiative
2014   NQC kicks off the HIV Cross-Part Care Continuum (H4C) Collaborative
          NQC conducts an impact evaluation study

Thank you to all HIV providers who participated and improved HIV care over the years. Thank you to all those who assisted us in working with the Ryan White community.

Join us and together we will continue to improve HIV care.