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Regional Groups Expand

NQC Implements First Consumer Advisory Committee

First NQC Steering Committee Held

NQC Launches its First Website

2005 sum

HIVQUAL Regional Group Model Expands

Regional Groups provide peer-learning opportunities for Ryan White grantees to collaboratively advance HIV care. Individual Regional Groups differ in composition, focus, and style. However, all groups share common activities, reported benefits, and outcomes. This offers a great opportunity for HIV providers to draw on local quality management expertise of fellow providers. You can connect with others and we can learn together.

Regional Groups involve local Ryan White grantees of all funding streams and are supported by NQC coaches and local quality champions. Meetings, either in person or virtually, occur 2 to 4 times a year, address regional quality improvement projects, and allow participants to share successful improvement interventions.

Regional Groups aim to:

  • Enhance understanding and local application of quality improvement knowledge, methods, and tools
  • Promote successes with other Regional Groups, HRSA, and Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees
  • Assist grantees in meeting the HIV/AIDS Bureau quality management requirements
  • Align activities with other local quality priorities and national strategies

Map of Regional Groups by geographic location.

Regional Group Map

Successes to date:

  • Approximately 257 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees (or 44% of all grantees) are presently participating in 25 active Regional Groups
  • Regional Group members who have submitted data to the 2011-2013 in+care Campaign show statistically higher performance in:
    • Number of patients retained in care
    • Number of patients who are virally suppressed
    • Number of newly enrolled patients who are retained in care
  • Strengthened quality management programs
  • Increased local provider collaboration

Chart comparing viral load suppression outcomes for Regional Group (n=143) and non-Regional Group (n=129) agencies participating in the in+care Campaign.

Viral Load Suppression Graph

Participation in Regional Groups is linked with improved HIV care and health outcomes. Become a local quality champion. Join or form a new Regional Group with us.

To explore Regional Groups in your area or to learn more about a recent impact study on Regional Groups | NationalQualityCenter.org/nqc-activities/regional-groups/

NQC Launches First Consumer Advisory Committee

Participatory involvement by people living with and affected by HIV is an integral component of NQC. Through the NQC Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC), consumers directly assist in developing initiatives to improve HIV care, particularly in Ryan White grantee sites.

Members of the NQC consumer committee represent diverse communities of persons living with HIV (PLWH) locally, statewide, and regionally. They have a strong understanding of HIV quality management infrastructure expectations and are engaged in local quality improvement activities with a Ryan White grantee site.

The goals for the NQC Consumer Advisory Committee are to:

  • Provide information about consumer experiences with HIV care
  • Provide input and feedback for the development of NQC activities
  • Inform and educate stakeholders about current and future NQC quality improvement initiatives

If you are a Ryan White consumer and interested in quality improvement activities, check out our Consumer Advisory Committee website and learn more about our current CAC members |NationalQualityCenter.org/nqc-activities/nqc-consumer-advisory-committee-cac/

NQC Holds its First NQC Steering Committee Meeting

On September 9, 2005, the NQC Steering Committee met for the first time in Washington, D.C. and provided input on NQC’s policy direction.

We recruited seasoned HIV clinical quality management experts working across Ryan White Program Parts. This included key HIV/AIDS Bureau staff, NQC partners, HIV clinicians, and NQC Consumer Advisory Board members. Special attention is paid to geographic regions.

The Steering Committee has the following functions:

  • Provide feedback to guide NQC to be fully responsive to Ryan White grantee needs
  • Establish priorities for future NQC technical assistance activities
  • Assist HIV/AIDS Bureau efforts to improve the quality of grantee-delivered HIV care

To learn more about the NQC Steering Committee Meeting and past activities |NationalQualityCenter.org/nqc-activities/nqc-steering-committee/

NQC Launches its First Website

NQC’s first website was created in 2005 in partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). It was created because we understand the specific needs—and challenges—of the Ryan White community. We continue to update our NationalQualityCenter.org site since you are committed to making a difference but are busy and often resource-stretched.

NationalQualityCenter.org is now the premier website for HIV quality improvement. With more than 300 quality improvement resources, publications, and descriptions of best practices, the website provides myriad opportunities for learning, connecting, and sharing among HIV providers, quality managers, public health officials, and people living with HIV.

NationalQualityCenter.org provides

  • Hundreds of quality improvement resources for viewers with varying levels of expertise
  • Information about Ryan White Program quality management requirements
  • Quality improvement tools from fellow HIV providers
  • Easy access to all NQC services, including a calendar and online registration for upcoming training sessions and events

To visit NationalQualityCenter.org today and find the tools you need | NationalQualityCenter.org