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NQC Launches the Five-State Cross-Part Collaborative

NQC Gives Out the First National Quality Awards

NQC Launches the TGA Initiative

NQC Updates its Website and Launches its First Monthly Newsletters

2008 sum

NQC Launches the Five-State Cross-Part Collaborative

Despite differences among Ryan White Program Parts, our overarching goal remains the same: provide seamless access to high quality HIV care. For the first time, Ryan White grantees from all Program Parts across states came together to form a national model for cross-Part quality improvement collaboration. The ‘Cross-Part Quality Management Collaborative’ was designed to align quality management goals in order to cooperatively meet legislative mandates.

The Cross Part Collaborative aimed to:

  • Strengthen cross-Part partnerships by establishing communication strategies, statewide quality management priorities, and joint training opportunities
  • Develop a unified statewide cross-Part quality management and implementation plan for each participating state
  • Carry out joint quality-related activities that result in better coordination of HIV services across Parts
  • Advance the quality of care for PLWH

Cross Part Collaborative overview:

  • Five states participated: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, New Jersey, and Texas
  • The Collaborative had the potential to impact 19% of people living with AIDS in the U.S. and 18% of all new AIDS cases in the U.S.
  • The Collaborative launched in October 2008 and lasted for 18 months
  • Each team has representation from all Parts and had an assigned quality improvement coach
  • Routine reporting on the HIV/AIDS Bureau’s Core Clinical Performance Measures for Adults and Adolescents
  • Held four face-to-face learning sessions to report on progress and lessons learned
  • Used conference calls, a dedicated online space, and a listserv to facilitate collaborative learning

Table regarding the adoption of key quality management infrastructure elements by state.

2008 - Quality Management Infrastructure

Successes of the Collaborative:

  • At the initiation of the Collaborative, most states did not have key infrastructure elements in place to promote the alignment of improvement activities; in contrast by the end, all states had instituted activities to promote collaboration
  • For the first time, the newly released HIV/AIDS Bureau measures were used in a national improvement initiative; 89% of all Ryan White grantees reported the measures in the last reporting cycle (compared to 51% in the initial cycle)
  • Comparing the initial submission in October 2008 with the last submission in December 2009, all HIV/AIDS Bureau performance measures increased
  • Each state established a statewide response team comprised of grantee representatives from all Parts within the state; this concept was utilized in all future NQC-sponsored Collaboratives
  • Implementation of statewide quality improvement projects facilitated the alignment of local improvement activities; for example, the NJ team implemented a syphilis-screening project, which improved the screening rates from 58% to 76%

Table with key performance measurement changes over time.

2008 - Key Performance Measurements

To learn more about cross-Part activities and a recent impact study on this NQC Collaborative | NationalQualtyCenter.org/nqc-activities/collaboratives/cross-part-collaborative/

NQC Gives Out the First National Quality Awards

Are you looking for a forum to showcase your quality improvement achievements? We have created the ‘Quality of Care Award Program’ to recognize Ryan White grantees and individuals across all Parts who have demonstrated outstanding progress in improving the quality of HIV care. We promote these quality champions to further spread quality improvement nationally.

Quality Awards are given out in the following categories:

  • Award for Quality Management Infrastructure Development
  • Award for Performance Measurement
  • Award for Quality Improvement Activities
  • Award for Leadership in Quality
  • Award for Consumer Involvement

In collaboration with the HIV/AIDS Bureau, we annually select winners and invite them to share their improvement stories with other grantees. Over 25 Quality Awards have been given out so far. Just remember, in the Quality Awards, the real winners are patients.

To learn more about our past winners, and their profiles, or make a nomination for a future national quality improvement award | NationalQualityCenter.org/nqc-activities/quality-award-program/

NQC Launches the TGA Initiative

We recognize that newly funded Ryan White grantees are often unfamiliar with the intricacies of developing sound clinical quality management programs in accordance with legislative guidelines. In 2008, we launched a 12-month initiative to target five newly funded Transitional Grant Areas (TGAs) to assist them in meeting their quality management expectations. We held our kick-off call in July 2008 with the following TGA grantees: Baton Rouge, LA; Charlotte/Gastonia/Concord, NC/SC; Indianapolis, IN; Memphis, TN; and Nashville/Davidson/Murfreesboro, TN.

The aims of the initiative were to:

  • Build internal capacity for quality management
  • Strengthen the ability of the TGAs to diffuse quality management throughout their clinical and service network
  • Provide a forum of peer learning for these TGAs to maintain sound clinical quality management programs
  • Provide individualized technical assistance by quality improvement experts

Successes of the TGA Initiative:

  • Development and/or strengthening of the TGA quality management program, including a functioning quality management committee with active provider membership across disciplines and clearly defined objectives, timelines, and responsibilities
  • Increased understanding of key quality improvement concepts and application strategies
  • Establishment of effective data collection systems to routinely collect TGA-specific performance measures and report to the quality initiative
  • Development of a comprehensive quality management plan inclusive of implementation strategies
  • Initiation of at least one quality improvement project based on pre-determined themes for this initiative and/or in response to initial performance data results

To learn more about this TGA Initiative and how your EMA can benefit from this initiative |NationalQualityCenter.org/nqc-activities/collaboratives/transitional-grant-area-tga-initiative/

NQC Updates its Website and Launches its First Monthly Newsletters

Can’t find a resource that addresses your particular problem? Look no further. In 2008, we updated our NQC-branded website to make it easier for you to access our extensive library of over 300 publications, tools, and guides, created just for you. We are continually updating our web-based portals and resources. During each 4-month period, NQC records over 50,000 page views and over 15,000 website visits.

Also in 2008, we launched our first monthly newsletter. This newsletter provides quality management updates to the Ryan White community. The newsletter shares best practices from grantees across Ryan White Program Parts, highlights local quality provider and consumer champions, and provides information about upcoming events. So far, well over 70 monthly newsletters have been issued, reaching more than 15,000 quality improvement contacts every month.

To sign up to the newsletter or read past newsletter issues | NationalQualityCenter.org/about-nqc/nqc-e-newsletter/