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NQC Launches the Second Advanced QI Training: Training of Quality Leaders (TQL) Program

NQC Organizes the First Part D Quality Improvement Conference

NQC Recruits Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Representatives for Its First Fellowship Program

2009 sum

NQC Launches the Second Advanced QI Training: Training of Quality Leaders (TQL) Program

Many quality managers face challenges in leading quality management activities, including unfamiliarity with quality improvement concepts, staff resistance to engage them in clinical quality improvement projects, and lack of team facilitation skills. In response, we developed the Training of Quality Leaders (TQL) Program. This program builds the individual capacity of quality managers and those who direct clinical quality management programs. The goal is for these individuals to effectively lead and facilitate quality improvement activities. The TQL Program includes pre-work activities, a rigorous 3-day face-to-face TQL session, and post-course work.

The TQL Program provides participants the ability to improve their:

  • Expertise in quality management and the local application of key quality improvement methodologies and concepts
  • Facilitator skills necessary to guide the development of sound clinical quality management programs and/or quality improvement projects and better address team dynamics

The benefits of successful TQL Program completion include:

  • Increased confidence and mastery in facilitating quality improvement teams and in effectively managing quality improvement-related meetings
  • Identification of leadership behaviors to lead an effective quality management program
  • Linkage to quality improvement experts who have practical knowledge and experience and who can offer exposure to a network of peers who have hands-on experiences
  • Clear understanding of TQL Program expectations and planning of post-TQL action steps

Map of TQL sessions as of June 2014.

2009 - TQL Sessions


Successes to date:

  • Approximately 292 participants attended 1 of 8 TQL sessions, representing 192 Ryan White grantees or 33% of all grantees
  • Attendees represent 41 U.S. states and territories
  • The vast majority of participants found the training approach effective (94%) and that they increased their knowledge and skills (95%)

Chart of TQL participants reporting their level of agreement with the statement “How ready are you to actively lead a quality effort in your organization?” (n=233), comparing end of Day 1 to end of Day 3.

2009 - TQL Participants

To learn more about upcoming TQL sessions, review a recent impact study on NQC’s advanced training programs, and access all TQL resources, including slides and the TQL Guide |NationalQualityCenter.org/nqc-activities/advanced-trainings/training-of-quality-leaders-tql-program/

NQC Organizes the First Part D Quality Improvement Conference

In January 2009, we completed an evaluation study of all grantees who have received some form of NQC assistance. This study found that Ryan White Part D grantees were accessing NQC services at a rate disproportionately lower than grantees of other Program Parts. We therefore conducted a survey with Part D grantees to determine: (a) how well they understand NQC services; (b) their clinical quality management needs; and (c) general assessment of their quality management competencies. NQC and the HIV/AIDS Bureau decided to hold a Part D Quality Improvement Conference as a means of reaching out to Part D grantees and to provide quality improvement training specifically structured to meet their unique needs. The first Part D Conference was held in 2009 in Washington, D.C., followed by one in 2011.

Part D Quality Improvement Conferences aim to:

  • Reach out to Part D grantees to engage them in NQC technical assistance services
  • Provide quality improvement training opportunities tailored to meet Part D needs
  • Promote peer learning and networking among Part D grantees
  • Highlight best practices and successes among Part D grantees
  • Conduct further needs assessments to better understand unique Part D TA needs

NQC Recruits Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Representatives for Its First Fellowship Program

In 2009, we offered the NQC Quality Management Fellowship Program to up to five individuals. Fellows are committed to advancing their professional quality management competencies and have the ability to take on future quality improvement leadership roles. The Fellowship Program lasted one year and included learning activities, quality improvement projects, individualized coaching, and a mentoring component by quality improvement experts. Fourteen individuals graduated from this program before it was discontinued.

The overall purposes of the NQC Quality Management Fellowship Program were to:

  • Strengthen the individual quality improvement skills of participants who are fundedacross Ryan White Program Parts
  • Develop capacity to become a quality champion within their region
  • Increase the pool of local and national improvement experts within the Ryan White Program
  • Build capacity to provide technical assistance to other grantees around quality improvement
  • Advance and broaden the participant’s HIV public health career to take on regional and national leadership roles and responsibilities in quality improvement