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NQC Launches the Part C and Part D Quality Improvement Initiative

In 2012, the Ryan White Part C and D program was re-configured in order to respond to the changing HIV epidemiology. NQC, in conjunction with the HIV/AIDS Bureau Division of Community HIV/AIDS Programs, envisioned a national quality improvement initiative. The goal was “to strengthen quality management activities of the new Part C and D funded programs and to improve the systems of medical care for those served by these grantees.” The newly funded Part C and D Quality Improvement Initiative kicked off January 2013 and ran through June 2013.

The aims of this Part C/D Initiative were to:

  • Identify specific TA needs of newly funded grantees in establishing sustainable quality management programs to improve health outcomes
  • Provide these grantees with a quality improvement toolkit
  • Promote a range of peer-learning opportunities, including webinars and face-to-face meetings
  • Engage all newly funded Part C/D grantees in the in+care Campaign and provide support to active participants
  • Target ‘high-need’ grantees for intensive coaching based on needs assessment findings

Overview of the Part C/D Initiative:

  • Six webinars were conducted to address specific needs, showcase quality champions, and highlight promising strategies for improvement and collaboration
  • 130 grantees participated, with 23 identified as ‘high-need’ grantees
  • Conducted needs assessment at baseline and endpoint; 41% completed baseline and 36% completed endpoint
  • NQC coaches completed standardized organizational assessments for newly funded Part C/D grantees over the course of the initiative
  • 70 grantees had at least one onsite or offsite coaching activity

Map of newly funded Part C/D grantees in August 2012 eligible to participate in this initiative.

2013 - Part C D Grantees



  • For the first time, NQC focused TA on newly funded Part C/D grantees
  • Of grantees who responded to both the baseline and endpoint surveys, 100% reported the presence of a quality management committee at endpoint
  • 90 of the 130 grantees (69%) participated in the in+care Campaign and performance data were submitted by 63 grantees
  • 61 out of 85 Initiative grantees participated in their nearby Regional Groups
  • Of those responding to needs assessments, 77% of respondents reported having a comprehensive quality management plan at baseline and 89% at endpoint
  • Performance measurement systems were strengthened, with increases in grantees use of performance data for quality improvement (baseline, 85%; endpoint, 91%) and validation for accuracy (51%; 63%)
  • Nearly 80% of respondents reported any initiated or ongoing quality improvement projects at baseline; additionally, 87% reported initiating or continuing quality improvement projects at endpoint

To learn more about the Part C/D Quality Improvement Initiative and access findings from an impact study |NationalQualityCenter.org/nqc-activities/part-c-and-d-initiative/resources-part-c-and-d/.