National Technical Assistance Calls
"Impressive! This is one of the best TA calls I've participated in. Good job."

HIV providers face many challenges in developing sound quality management programs, including unfamiliarity with quality improvement concepts. To provide routine learning opportunities, the National Quality Center (NQC) hosts monthly National Technical Assistance (TA) Calls on a variety of topics to highlight key quality improvement concepts and methodologies. Using web-conference platforms, the calls encourage interactions with presenters.

Selected topics of past National Technical Assistance (TA) Calls include:

  • Quality Management 101 and HIV/AIDS Bureau Quality Expectations
  • Developing Quality Management Infrastructure
  • Introduction to Performance Measurement and Using Data for Quality Improvement
  • Engaging Staff and Consumers in Quality Improvement


This months call:  Moving Beyond Data: Choosing the Right Improvement Project 

Our call this month will focus on how to choose an improvement that will have impact in you Ryan White Program.  Many grantees have rich sets of data at their disposal but struggle with setting improvement priorities.  Our main presenter this month will be Dr. Kathleen Clanon along with selected grantees that have experience in this topic. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what you data is telling you
  • How to set priorities for your quality improvement work
  • Choosing the project that will have the most impact


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