Training on Coaching Basics (TCB) Program

Training of Coaching Basics Program (TCB)


About the TCB

Grantees of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program are required to establish an effective quality management infrastructure to better the quality of HIV care.  Although many grantees have hired quality improvement coordinators/managers to effectively administer agency-wide quality management programs and, in case of HIV provider networks, to coordinate the quality management infrastructure across multiple HIV providers, significant challenges remain for grantees to meet HIV/AIDS Bureau quality expectations.  In order to confront these challenges, specific skills of these quality managers in supporting other HIV providers require further improvement and development.


In response to this need, the National Quality Center (NQC) and HIVQUAL-US have developed a new Training on Coaching Basics (TCB) Program, aiming to close any educational gaps of quality managers and to the increase quality improvement competencies by building the quality improvement capacity of quality leaders to coach other HIV providers on quality improvement.  


The benefits of successful TCB Program completion include:

  • Increased mastery of effectively coaching HIV providers to establish and sustain effective quality management programs and quality improvement teams
  • Enhanced ability to conduct organizational assessments, provide constructive feedback, and develop effective action plans based on assessment findings
  • Improved confidence in understanding behaviors and interventions that promote a systems approach to quality management by using partnerships and shared vision
  • Improved self awareness of individual coaching style and of personal working style and limitations that may contribute to interpersonal tensions

The TCB Program is designed for those individuals who currently work in Ryan White Program-funded grantees, are instrumental in managing existing quality management programs, and are charged in assisting other agencies within their HIV/AIDS network with advancing their quality management programs and quality improvement activities.  Participants are expected to complete pre-work activities, a rigorous 3-day face-to-face TCB session, and months of post-course work. Training participants are expected to have successfully completed with the Training-of-Trainer (TOT) or the Training of Quality Leaders (TQL) Program.

Kevin Garrett, LMSW
National Quality Center (NQC)

New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute
90 Church Street, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10007-2919
work 212.417.4730
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