in+care Campaign Webinar | Migrant Clinicians' Network Examines Retention in HIV Care
When: September 25, 2013

September 25, 2013

1pm EDT

The Migrant Clinicians' Network has worked with medical providers across the US since 1996 to ensure that TB treatment is completed for people with diagnosed TB who migrate across national borders. Since 2011, MCN has also worked with HIV providers on retaining patients in ongoing HIV medical care as they move across state and national borders. MCN staff will share their model with webinar participants in addition to some of the results they have seen borne from their efforts. In addition, representatives from NO AIDS Task Force in New Orleans, LA will discuss their experience in working with MCN for some of their migrant patients.

In addition, the in+care Campaign staff will share updates and strategies related to migrant populations that have been submitted to Campaign Headquarters to date. Please note that no prior registration is needed to participate in this webinar. Just click the webinar link to join and enter the room as a guest. Type your name when prompted to enter the webinar room. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you would like addressed during the presentation, please send them to Michael Hager in advance (

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