HIVQUAL Group Learning Guide (pdf)
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute
New York, NY

The HIVQUAL Group Learning Guide, revised in 2006, provides workshop materials for facilitators to help them conduct interactive group exercises to promote quality improvement among HIV providers.

Each of the 23 quality improvement workshops includes background information and facilitator notes, exercises such as quizzes, role-playing games, and case studies with answer keys, participant handouts, and presentation slides.

Among the various workshops topics, training materials are included for:
• Importance of leadership in quality improvement
• How to write a quality management plan
• How to collect performance data
• Writing an improvement project memo
• Understanding team roles in quality improvement projects

The National HIV Quality of Care (HIVQUAL) Project, sponsored by the HIV/AIDS Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration and carried out by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute, was established to improve the quality of care for persons living with HIV/AIDS by building capacity and capability for quality improvement in HIV ambulatory care clinics.

You can also download the slides and pdf files presented in the guide here:

# Title of workshop
1 Leadership for Quality
2 Quality Management Plan
3 Support for Quality Program
4 Facilitation of Quality Program
5 Sustainability of Quality Program
6 Evaluation of Quality Program
7 Constructing a Sample
8 Data Collection
9 Improvement Project Memo
10 Team Roles
11 Brainstorming
12 Flowchart
13 Cause-and-Effect Diagram
14 Selecting a Pilot Test
15 Planning a Pilot Test
16 Evaluating a Pilot Test
17 Data Presentation
18 Systematize Improvements
19 Team Self Evaluation
20 Putting it All Together: An Improvement Project Cycle
21 Leadership for Quality
22 Sustaining the Quality Program
23 Evaluation of Quality Program

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