NQC Quality Academy: Collecting Performance Data
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute
New York, NY
2008, Updated 2009

This NQC Quality Academy Tutorial instructs you on how to effectively and efficiently collect quality data and translate them into quality improvement activities. Examples are given for sampling records for performance reviews by establishing review eligibility criteria, identifying minimal sample sizes, and selecting a random sample. You learn how to design a data collection plan that takes into account selecting key indicators, designing an effective collection tool, assigning abstractors, and conducting a pilot test before you begin. This module also outlines appropriate ways to collect your data and validate your results. You may want to have a simple calculator handy for this training module. 

You will learn about…

  • Sampling records for performance review
  • Designing a data collection plan
  • Collecting performance data
  • Validating results

This tutorial is available in both English and Spanish.  To access the English version, please click on "Start Tutorial."  To access the Spanish version, please click on "Comience Tutorial."

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