Training-of-Trainers (TOT) Program
"This is the best training I've been to in over seven years."

The TOT was held in March.  As of this time no further TOT trainins are scheduled.

Please feel free to download the training materials. 

Purpose of the TOT

Simply knowing quality management well is not sufficient for being able to teach others in the field. The National Quality Center (NQC) has recognized the need to expand the pool of trainers available to train grantees of all Parts to meet the Ryan White Program requirements.

In response to this need, NQC implemented a national Training-of-Trainers (TOT) Program to build capacity for quality improvement among quality managers. The overarching goals of the TOT program include:

  • Enlarge the pool of qualified trainers on quality improvement in HIV care across the country
  • Further spread quality management concepts by increasing the number of training opportunities for Ryan White grantees
  • Increase the ability of NQC to refer requests for QI training to regional TOT trainers
  • Build capacity in Ryan White funded programs on quality improvement

The TOT Program is designed for those individuals with a strong experiential background in quality management and provides participants exposure to adult learning theories and available training resources. TOT graduates plan engaging and effective workshops, while linking them with quality improvement experts and peers facing similar challenges. Before attending the rigorous face-to-face TOT session, a participant is asked to complete the prework, which includes online learning, readings of available quality publications, and participation in two conference calls. 

Since the purpose of the TOT Program is capacity building, participants are asked to lead at least three trainings within 120 days of completing the session. This helps participants reinforce the knowledge they gained at the TOT as well as expanding the opportunities for providers of clinical and non-clinical services to gain quality management knowledge and expertise.

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