Cross-Part Collaborative

When HIV/AIDS Ryan White Program-funded grantees work in partnership, they have the potential to strengthen their individual quality management (QM) programs and improve the overall quality of HIV care in their region.  The HAB/NQC Cross-Part Quality Management Collaborative was designed to improve statewide collaboration across all Ryan White Parts (Parts A, B, C, D and F).  The goals of this unique Collaborative were to: 1) enhance alignment of QM goals to meet legislative mandates and expectations; and 2) carry out joint quality-related activities that result in better coordination of  HIV services across Parts.  The ultimate purpose of the Collaborative was to advance the quality of care for people living with HIV within each participating state.


Five states—Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, New Jersey, and Texas—participated in the Collaborative launched in October 2008.  Each state team consists of representatives across all Parts.  Each participating state was expected to adopt the HAB’s HIV/AIDS Core Clinical Performance Measures for Adults and Adolescents as well as additional measures appropriate to their individual programs.  The performance measures presented an opportunity to create alignment across programs within a state and foster collaboration around data collection and use of data for improvement.  


Over an 18-month period, participants achieved the following aims:


  • Strengthened QM-related collaboration across Parts by establishing communication strategies, identifying statewide QM priorities, and creating joint QI training opportunities
  • Development of a portfolio of performance measures for strategic planning and QI processes, and routinely collect data based on established data collection methodologies
  • Development of a unified statewide written Cross-Part QM plan, supported by a work plan for implementation
  • Joint statewide quality improvement projects
  • Routine assessments using a standardized Cross-Part QM assessment tool

NQC supported the participants through a variety of activities.  Faculty for this Collaborative included key NQC staff and consultants with cross-Part as well as Collaborative learning expertise, and HAB representatives. Multiple face-to-face learning sessions offered the opportunity to report on progress, lessons learned, and best practices.  Conference calls, a dedicated on-line space, and a listserv provided additional opportunities for the exchange of information.


NQC will share the findings and achievements of Collaborative participants with other states, regions, and stakeholders in order to facilitate wide-spread improvement efforts.  The insights from the Collaborative will help other states in their efforts to support joint quality-related activities within their jurisdiction.

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