DC Collaborative

This Collaborative is intended to help DC EMA grantees accomplish the following objectives:

  • Foster cross-Part alignment, partnership, and collaboration among regional grantees and stakeholders serving the DC metropolitan area, including administrative agents, grantees, subgrantees, and consumers
  • Advance the quality improvement infrastructure across the EMA and build a sustainable model moving forward
  • Develop a common quality improvement vision across grantees and regional constituencies and generate document buy-in by all participating partners
  • Initiate a joint quality improvement project across all participating grantees
  • Reduce the data collection burden for quality improvement across grantees by better coordination of performance measurement strategies
  • Advance quality management competencies by coordinated joint quality improvement training activities
  • Strengthen consumer involvement in quality activities to improve HIV care

Between April 2011 and May 2012, participants took part in five face-to-face learning sessions, joined technical assistance conference calls,  and maintained continual contact with each other and NQC faculty members through listserv discussions and emails. Participants have had an ongoing opportunity to collaborate with each other to share good ideas and best practices, as well as raise issues and lessons learned.

This Collaborative was initiated with a Vanguard Meeting on January 11, 2011. This meeting served to lay the groundwork for the Collaborative from the Vanguard meeting through the fifth learning session supported by NQC and HAB. Since May, 2012, the DC Cross Part Collaborative Response Team has continued to meet monthly and to provide periodic community-run Learning Sessions and Quality Summit training opportunities. NQC looks forward to continuing to work and grow with these dedicated grantees.

Michael Hager, MA, MPH
National Quality Center

New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute
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New York, NY 10007
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