Part B Collaborative
"The interactions and exchanges with our peers were invaluable. We learned so much from them and could not have done it without their input."

The National Quality Center (NQC), with support by the HIV/AIDS Bureau, launched a national Part B collaborative to build capacity for quality improvement in State Departments of Health.


The ‘Part B Collaborative Demonstration Project: Improving Care for People Living with HIV Disease’ was launched in April 2005 and involved eight States and Jurisdictions working together through November 2007. The following State teams participated in this collaborative: Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Oregon.


For this Collaborative, four domains were used as a framework for the work of the teams.  These domains include:

  • Alignment across jurisdictions and services to support a common vision of service delivery and quality of service
  • Data and information systems (including understanding outcomes and linking these to data management)
  • Access to services and retention of clients
  • Cost containment and managing resources

The Collaborative consisted of three face-to-face learning sessions where grantees discussed and shared progress in these four domains and routine reporting of established indicators. Support was provided to participants via email, a dedicated website, and routine conference calls by expert faculty members.


New Publication - To capture lessons learn for Part B quality management programs, NQC has published Building Capacity of Statewide Quality Management Programs, NQC’s Guide for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part B grantees.  This Guide includes best practices from this Collaborative and other NQC-sponsored activities.

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