The aim of the initiative is to build the internal capacity for quality management in the five newly funded Transitional Grant Areas (TGAs); to strengthen the ability of the TGAs to diffuse quality management throughout their clinical and service network; to provide a forum of peer learning for these TGAs to establish and maintain sound quality management programs;  and to provide individualized technical assistance by quality improvement experts based on identified and prioritized quality management needs for each TGA.

At the end of the 12-month period, outcomes expected from participating teams include:

  • Understanding of key quality improvement concepts and application strategies by key TGA representatives;
  • Development and/or strengthening of the TGA quality management program that includes a functioning quality management committee with active provider membership across disciplines and clearly defined objectives with timelines and responsibilities to achieve the objectives;
  • Attendance of at least one representative from each TGA at an upcoming NQC Training of Trainers session over the course of this initiative to become a TGA-wide training resource;
  • Establishment of effective data collection systems to routinely collect TGA-specific performance indicators and report to the quality initiative;
  • Development of a comprehensive, written quality management plan and strategies to implement this plan; and
  • Initiation of at least one quality improvement project based on pre-determined themes for this initiative and/or in response to initial performance data results.
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