NQC Steering Committee
"All members are fully engaged. NQC puts together an excellent agenda where everyone can participate and make a contribution - feedback received from committee members is valued and included in future activities."

The National Quality Center (NQC) Steering Committee meets annually and assumes responsibility, in collaboration with the HIV/AIDS Burreau, for the vision and policy direction of the NQC. This Committee is composed of individuals representing programs funded under each Ryan White Program Part, with attention to geographic regions. 

The Steering Committee has the following major functions:

  • Provide feedback to guide NQC and its activities in order to be fully responsive to the needs of Ryan White-funded grantees
  • Establish national priorities for future technical assistance activities by NQC
  • Assist the HIV/AIDS Bureau in their efforts to work with Ryan White grantees to improve HIV care

Seasoned individuals with quality management expertise working in programs funded by different Parts of the Ryan White Program have been recruited. Key HAB staff as well as representatives from each of the major NQC partners are included, along with designated individuals to represent clinical expertise and the community of people living with HIV, represented by NQC Consumer Advisory Board.

Meet the members of the 2015 NQC Steering Committee

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Dr. Laura Cheever Addressing the Committee Members

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