On-site Technical Assistance
"This is the most beneficial TA I have ever received, and the consultant was the best."

Since 2000, the Ryan White legislation has included specific provisions directing grantees to establish and sustain quality management programs.  Eight years after reauthorization, however, many Ryan White grantees lack the expertise, resources, and the understanding that is needed to deliver effective quality management programs that are linked to improved health outcomes.

The National Quality Center (NQC) provides no-cost, intensive technical assistance specifically designed to meet the particular needs of Ryan White grantees to implement an effective quality program. NQC's quality improvement experts provide intensive state-of-the-art technical assistance.

Past consultative requests have included:

  • Assessing existing quality management programs
  • Refining written quality management plans
  • Utilizing quality performance data
  • Implementing quality improvement initiatives
  • Training staff on quality management
  • Fostering leadership support for quality projects
  • Increasing consumer involvement
  • Facilitating cross-part alignment of quality efforts

You can initiate the TA process by submitting a formal request to NQC. The short-term technical assistance objectives are initially developed during the first diagnostic conference call between NQC, the grantee and HIV/AIDS Bureau representatives. Once the request is approved in coordination with the HIV/AIDS Bureau, you are optimally matched with an NQC consultant.

3 steps to request on-site technical assistance from NQC:

    1. Download the NQC TA Request Form

    2. Complete the Form

    3. Email the Form to NQC

For non-quality improvement-related TA, contact the HIV/AIDS Bureau Target Center, a technical assistance and training resource for the Ryan White community. For more information visit www.careacttarget.org.

Kevin Garrett, LMSW
National Quality Center (NQC)

New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute
90 Church Street, 13th floor
New York, NY 10007-2919
work: 212.417.4730