Regional Groups


Did you know that there are quality management groups throughout the country?

HIVQUAL-US helped organize these groups in order to build the capacity of Ryan White funded grantees to implement comprehensive quality management programs in their facilities. Groups promote peer learning and an exchange of best practices among HIV providers committed to Quality Improvement (QI). The groups have access to quality improvement technical expertise through facilitation and through coaching and mentoring by experienced consultants.

  • Improve HIV patient care in a geographic region or by provider type by focusing QI efforts on relevant improvement areas selected by group members
  • Improvement measured by performance indicators and data collection methods agreed upon by group members
  • Identify and promote effective QI strategies through ongoing exchange among peers
  • Identify and catalogue successful strategies around specific aspects of care
  • Enhance understanding and local application of QI knowledge, methods, and tools directed toward improving patient care
  • Promote sustainability through quality management (QM) infrastructure development including completion of organizational assessments and program evaluation
  • Promote group successes with other HIVQUAL QM Groups, HRSA, and RW grantees through shared documents, i.e., storyboards; conference presentations; articles; web based sites (such as HIVQUAL and National Quality Center)
  • Assist grantees in meeting HRSA quality management requirements
  • Alignment of quality activities with other state and local quality initiatives and priorities

HQ has assisted in the development of 23 regional groups across 24 states and Puerto Rico.


  • Improvement in HIV patient care
  • Improved knowledge and skill in QI tools and techniques, QM infrastructure and performance measurement
  • Exchange of strategies and best practices
  • Networking opportunities
  • Annual organizational assessments of site’s QM Program
  • Access to HIV-specific improvement materials and publications by the HIVQUAL team 



  • Identify key contact for organization (point person)
  • Complete an annual organizational assessment of their QM program to target infrastructure development needs
  • Be prepared to address gaps in quality infrastructure, performance measurement and improvement activities
  • Commit to attendance and participation in group meetings and conference calls


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