Training of Consumers on Quality (TCQ)

The National Quality Center (NQC) is seeking people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) for its training program, Training of Consumers on Quality (TCQ), to increase the number of consumers actively participating in local quality management committees or regional quality improvement activities. The rigorous TCQ Program includes extensive pre-work activities and a 2-day face-to-face TCQ session. NQC will host two orientation webinars for interested TCQ candidates. To view the slides, click on the Powerpoint under 'Resources.

Successful TCQ graduates will:

  • understand basic vocabulary for quality improvement tools, methodologies, activities, and processes
  • master skills to become a consumer champion in local and regional quality management committees
  • demonstrate confidence in participating in quality improvement teams to address specific aspects of HIV care
  • understand the various forms of consumer involvement, and identify appropriate methods of involvement in clinical quality improvement activities
  • be aware of basic HIV care and treatment terminologies so that participants better understand basic indicator definitions and performance data reports

NQC has designed this program for granteees to offer to their consumer participants. Becuase of the demand for this program, and the focus on consumer involvement, NQC has made all the course materials available on line. NQC will of course assist you in planning your TCB and offer guidance on how to best present this information to your course participants.

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