Choosing Health for Life (pdf)
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute
New York, NY

Choosing Health for Life (pdf)

The patient health journal, called ‘Choosing Health for Life,’ was developed by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute in conjunction with its New York State Consumer Advisory Committee to help consumers track and stay on top of their own health care.

This patient journal tracks health care provider contact information, pharmacy contacts, provider appointments, lab results for CD4 and viral load tests, medications and how and when to take them, and other recommended health screening and testing information. The journal includes key phone numbers for HIV consumers in New York State to learn more about their health care rights, health care coverage, and /or to get more information about health care issues.

It can help consumers make more informed decisions about the kind of care they get, especially about which medications to take and when. It can be shared with providers or caretakers, or whomever a consumer wishes to share it with.