Consumer/Provider Shared Decision-Making in Healthcare
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute
New York, NY

Consumer/Provider Shared Decision-Making in Healthcare

Over time, NQC has conducted TA webinars on the importance of the consumer provider relationship. This page hosts these resources and gives you the opportunity to hear multiple presentations given by providers in the community and NQC staff.   The February, 2016 presentation has a link to the actual recorded webinar. 

Patient self-management is the ability of patients, in a complementary partnership with their health care providers, to manage the symptoms, treatment, and lifestyle behavior changes, as well as the physical and psycho-social concerns that are a part of living with chronic diseases. Provider support for patient self-management is a key element in determining how well patients make appropriate decisions and take appropriate actions to promote their health and well-being. These sessions shared tools, best practices, and training concepts to help providers support their patients in self-management.

Other NQC resources on this important topic include: 

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