NQC Game Guide - Interactive Exercises for Trainers to Teach Quality Improvement in HIV Care (pdf)
National Quality Center
New York, NY

NQC Game Guide - Interactive Exercises for Trainers to Teach Quality Improvement in HIV Care (pdf)

The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute has taught providers and support staff about quality improvement since 1998 and has had the most success when the teaching has been interactive. Based on adult learning theories, learning experiences are most effective when audiences are engaged through interactive and hands-on exercises.

The NQC Game Guide, developed by the National Quality Center (NQC), includes 21 distinct games and is organized around five “critical concepts” for quality improvement, that is, five ideas that are needed to understand and be comfortable applying in quality improvement work. Games are organized under these concepts: Data and Measurement, Systems, Developing Changes, Testing and Making Changes, and Cooperation.

Each game description contains the learning objectives, necessary resources, detailed instructions for playing the game, tips on handling potential pitfalls, and key discussion points to link the activity with quality improvement teachings.

Some of these are classics in the quality improvement field, some come from other disciplines and some we have made up ourselves to bring home an important point. The purpose of this guide is to make these games more broadly available by describing how they work and by clarifying the lessons they help to teach.

Games to Teach Skills in Measurement  
1 Red Bead Game View
2 White Bead Game View
3 Deck of Cards Game View
4 Paper Puppets Game View
5 Who's Here? Game View
Game to Teach System Skills  
6 Peanut Butter and Jelly Game View
7 Butterfly Effect Game View
8 Win as Much as You Can Game View
Games to Teach Skills in Developing Changes  
9 Think Inside the Box Game View
10 Sudoku Game View
11 Egg Ship Game View
Games to Teach Skills in Testing and Making Changes  
13 Peg Game View
14 Tennis Ball Game View
15 The Zin Obelisk Game View
16 Paper Airplane Game View
17 Selling Spread Game View
18 Model Kitchen Utensil Game View
Games to Teach Cooperation Skills  
19 Many Questions Game View
20 Scavenger Hunt Game View
21 Headliner Game View