NQC Quality Academy: Useful Quality Improvement Tools
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute
New York, NY
2008, Updated 2009

NQC Quality Academy: Useful Quality Improvement Tools

This NQC Quality Academy Tutorial discusses tools to help you understand and display work processes. 

For example flowcharts may help you understand the specific processes and where these processes are inefficient by design. The module covers data analysis and data display tools, paying attention to the construction of run charts, histograms and others. Finally, it introduces cause-and-effect diagrams, a valuable and fun-to-use tool for developing and organizing theories about what might be problematic in a given process.

You will learn about…

  • Tools for understanding processes (e.g. flowcharts)
  • Tools to analyze and display data (e.g. run charts, histograms)
  • Tools to organize ideas (e.g. cause-and-effect diagrams)